Monday, January 4, 2010

Test Shows You How Creatively You Think

Creativity is a very in-demand skill...and not only for the design and communication industries. Creativity can be applied to any job in any industry. There are always ways to improve products and services. Workers who think creatively are needed to help a business operate successfully.

I write a lot about creativity on this blog (hence the title), so I was interested when I saw a link on Twitter to a test that shows you how creatively you think. Hat tip to @joshlinkner for sharing this test from the Flanders DC site.

The results of this test are divided into two sections - your personal score on the creativity index and innovation in your work environment. An explanation of the results is also provided. I found the results to be very in line with my personality and my work environment. My only complaint about the test is the five possible answers:

1this is not at all typical of me
2this is not really typical of me
3this is more or less typical of me
4this is pretty typical of me
5this is completely typical of me
I found it difficult to choose between some of the answers that are closely related, such as "not at all typical" and "not really typical". Regardless, the results were very accurate and I think this is an interesting test. Give it a shot and see if you get the results you expected.


Lindsay-Jean said...

Fun interview on the urban life blog! You're a superstar!!

Nikki Little said...

Superstar is definitely an exaggeration, but thank you. :)

metrogal84 said...

Interesting, Nikki! I took the quiz and guess what? I'm creative! Woot woot! Kind hit the nail on the head with this statement: "Following your gut feeling is much more important to you than abstract logic." This is v. true for me -- sometimes gets me in trouble, but for the most part I've learned my gut is usually right :)