Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tennis Fever!

Although I don't dedicate nearly enough time and energy to paying attention to (or playing for that matter) my beloved sport of tennis, I have to pay tribute to the fact that it's U.S. Open season yet again. All it takes is two minutes of watching pros like Maria, the Williams sisters and Federer (I'm biting my tongue because for some reason his domination really irks me, but I can't deny he's unprecedented) and I'm drawn in. I'd really like to sit Federer down and find out what it feels like be **literally** king of the court. How many people in life can say that they're living their dream (and then some) and bashing down on competition without barely skipping a beat? Maybe there are more people than I can fathom out there who can say that. And maybe his flawlessness bothers me because I can't completely understand how a human being can charge on like that and never seem to fail. Allow me to be cliche real quick and quote that failure really is the key to success --at least in the novel that I'm writing (otherwise known as my life). So although I may grind my teeth every time Federer advances effortlessly throughout the tourney, I will confess that I'm just as awe-struck by him as every other tennis aficionado out there.

I have to let my fashionista alter-ego get her say in and give props to Maria Sharapova for incorporating design into an already delicate and intricate sport.

The article notes that the saucy Russian (and defending champ may I add) will be wearing outfits incorporating graphic interpretations of the cityscape of NY City. Plus, she adds even more glitz with more than 600 Swarovski crystals woven into the design of her nighttime dress. At least she's got fashion to fall back on in case she takes the Anna Kournikova route and becomes too self-absorbed to remember why she went pro to begin with. But for some reason, I have more faith in this girl....
**Besos y Abrazos**

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Who Knew?

So....I've succumbed to the blogosphere and started one of my own. I must say I have no one other than the sassy soon-to-be Mrs. Weber to thank for this ;)

Who knew that in a few short months since leaving my beloved college life behind I would become so obsessed with social media. Hey -- that's what having a career in PR (and being young!) does to you. I need more of my friends to jump on the bandwagon though to make sites like Twitter fun!

OK..I will play with this more later. I'm chatting with my Chilean bro Sebastian on MSN and need to check out Court's fun photos from the Kenny Chesney concert, which by the way, was the best concert EVER!!!!!!! Thank you Kenny for making me fall in love with you all over again :) Now if only I could find a guy that looks/sings/plays guitar/loves summer and all things related like Kenny does.