Saturday, January 24, 2009

7 Random Things About Me

Thanks to Leah McChesney (who I was very happy to meet at the HUGE Novi Tweetup this past week) for tagging me in her 7 Random Things post. I actually did a 6 Random Things post awhile back, so I really had to think hard about this one because frankly...I'm not that random! I cheated and asked MAL for some help with this, but here are 7 random things not mentioned in my previous post:

1. My pinkie fingers and baby toe on my right foot are quite unique. The tops of my pinkie fingers curve inward. Basically, they are obviously crooked. It's really funny when people notice them for the first time. They always assume I broke my pinkie fingers, but I was told this happened because I curled my fingers a lot when I was in the womb. Who knows? My baby toe on my right foot is double jointed, so I can stick it out far away from the rest of my toes. Talented, I know. 

2. I haven't seen many of the classic movies (It's a Wonderful Life, Sixteen Candles, The Godfather, Top Gun, Goonies...the list goes on). There's no good explanation for this. I love watching movies, but never got around to these ones for some reason.

3. I beat out a bunch of kids to win my school's Spelling Bee in 5th grade. I also came in second place in the District Spelling Bee competition. I swear I wasn't a nerd in school...just a good speller :)

4. I'm obsessed with English bulldogs. I think they are cutest darn pups on the face of this planet. I begged MAL to get one until I learned about their health problems and short lives. That doesn't change my obsession, but I'm thinking twice about getting one now. 

5. I have really straight teeth, but I've never had braces. 

6. I'm right-handed, but I hold a golf club and hockey stick as if I were left-handed. My brother is the exact same way. It makes absolutely no sense.

7. I climbed a volcano when I studied abroad in Chile. My group and I couldn't make it to the top because it was too windy, but it was just about the coolest thing I've ever done. 

Brandon Chesnutt, Jeff Maj and Megs Tuss -- TAG YOU'RE IT! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Love For American Idol Runs Deep

*Photo obtained from The Detroit News Web site

I'm not a huge fan of TV. I'd rather unwind at the gym or with a book (that includes Facebook!) than flip through the TV channels searching for something interesting to watch. I do have my select fav shows that I religiously watch and absolutely of those being American Idol.

I was reading The Detroit News a few weeks back and saw a call for American Idol fans interested in blogging for Det News during Season 8. I debated about it for a few days (do I really want my face on the News' Web site, do I have enough time, etc.). But in the end, I decided I had nothing to lose and should go for it. Long story short, I am now an American Idol blogger for The Detroit News! Yes I'm a huge nerd, but hey I'm having fun AND flexing my writing muscles. So there! :)

I'll be blogging weekly through the entire season (except during my much-anticipated first trip to Europe next month!). You can check out my rants here. Don't click under my face in the right-hand column because there's a glitch. Scroll down through the blogs until you find mine. Feel free to comment like my dear friend Andrea Pecs and show me some love!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Message from Detroit to the World

If you live anywhere near Detroit and haven't read Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom's ode to the city, you must be living under a rock. 

Mitch's article was originally published in Sports Illustrated and then republished on the front page of this past Sunday's Free Press. When Sports Illustrated questioned the Detroiter about whether or not people still cared about this city, Mitch answered loud and clear. "And yet..." chronicles the ups and downs of the city of Detroit stating loud and clear that we are not "the gum on the bottom of America's shoe." 
There are many references to past and present sports teams because, well, Mitch IS a sports writer. But his underlying message is insanely powerful. The message he wants to drill into every American's head is this: Detroit is resilient. 

If you don't live here, you just don't get it. I don't have enough fingers and toes to list the reasons why Detroit stinks right now, yet pride still shines brightly throughout the city. It's true -- people are HAPPY to live and work in Detroit. And I'm one of them. 

The article is lengthy, but take 10 minutes to let Mitch's words soak in. If someone were picking on someone you love, you'd defend them in heartbeat, right? Why not do the same for your city? I won't claim to have always believed in Detroit, because before I started working here, I never had a true appreciation for it. But I'll be the first one to speak up now when someone criticizes the city. I've met so many talented and creative people from in and around Detroit in the past two years who have taught me what it means to be a proud Detroiter. 

Yes 2008 was rough, and the forecast looks just as dark and gloomy for this year. But have a little faith people. I think Mitch sums it up nicely. "To hell with Depression. We're gonna have a good year."