Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interview With Creative Cosmetics Queen Bobbi Brown

I read an interview with Bobbi Brown (the makeup artist) in today's New York Times and thought her answers were very intriguing and a good way.

The first part of the interview focused on what Bobbi looks for in an employee and her hiring process. Two of her answers stood out to me:
  • When talking about what qualities she looks for in an employee, Bobbi mentions the ability to communicate. As someone who works in a creative industry, I can relate to what Bobbi said. "Communicating. To me, this is probably the biggest thing. If it’s the right person, I can barely speak and they understand what I’m saying. But if it’s not the right person, they have trouble understanding, because creative people are not like other people. Any other creative C.E.O. will understand what I’m talking about."
  • The interviewer asked Bobbi if she could only choose two questions to ask in an interview, what would they be? One of her responses was "what do you love"? All too often, interviews focus too heavily on the job and not enough on the person. It's important to mix in personal questions like "who do you admire/look up to", "what are your passions?", "what do you enjoy doing in your spare time" to learn more about who the person REALLY is.
You can read the rest of the interview titled "High Heels? They Just Don't Fit" here.


Lindsay-Jean said...

Very interesting interview. I think it's cool that she calls people instead of e-mailing because she thinks "people need to hear people's voices." In this day and age, it almost seems like a revolutionary concept to keep the personal touch in business (or just in everyday life).

Nikki Little said...

Glad you found it interesting too, Linds! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.