Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photowalks Detroit Proves There's a Photographer in Everyone

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. ~Ansel Adams

This weekend I participated in the second Photowalks Detroit (Facebook page) event hosted at The Henry Ford Museum. I was hesitant at first to attend because I'm not a professional photographer and I only have a simple point and shoot camera. I thought my photos would look very amateur compared to others' photos. Some of the people who attended the first photowalk in Royal Oak promised that it wasn't necessary to have a fancy camera. They also reminded me that if the person behind the camera has a creative eye, then the photos will turn out great. I had nothing to lose by joining the group on their museum adventure.

I believe it's important to explore paths outside of your comfort zone every so often because you'll always take away something beneficial from the experience. The Henry Ford photowalk was an excellent experiment in creativity. What I lacked in camera technology I attempted to make up for in the angles at which I took the photos. It was fun to play photographer for a few hours and bond in real life with friends who I initially connected with online.

Check out the stream of photowalk tweets and the Flickr group. My photos are tagged as EstrellaBella10. Thanks a million to Becks Davis and Dave Peckens for organizing a great event!

If you live outside the metro Detroit area, I highly recommend forming a similar group, or doing some research to see if one already exists.


Dave said...

Awesome post Nikki! Thanks for coming to the photowalk and promoting our group.

Nikki Little said...

Thanks, Dave. I'm glad I decided to come on the photowalk. Looking forward to the next one!

Becks Davis said...

That is what everyone told me when I went on my first photowalk with my point and shoot; it's the creativity that lies behind the camera that matters.

And point and shoots take great pictures! I love your shots and I'm so happy you joined us.

Nikki Little said...

Thank you, Becks! I'm very happy with the way my photos turned out. I'm thinking a high speed camera may be my next big purchase. :)