Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Handmade Note Cards from the Heart

We all possess talents and characteristics that make us unique, but many people (myself included) wish they were better at something. I've always wanted to be more artistic. Art class in high school was the class I dreaded the most because I can't draw, sketch, paint, or sculpt for the life of me. No matter how much I try to convince myself that I can learn to scrapbook or create cute little handmade gifts for friends and family, I know deep down it's not going to happen!

On that note, let me introduce you to my very talented and creative friend Lindsay (aka Herban Girl) who I just learned has some amazingly artistic skills. Lindsay recently seized the opportunity to open the virtual doors on her online shop, songbird notes, where she's selling handmade note cards. Her shop is hosted through Etsy, which is pretty much the coolest place to buy products directly from independent designers and artists. Lindsay's cards are unique because many of her designs feature a Japanese influence (she relocated to Japan with her husband for a few years).

I admire Lindsay for capitalizing on her talent and taking the initiative to share her passion and creativity with the world. I know what my next purchase will be...:)


LJ said...

Thank you ever so much for such a sweet post! You're a doll!!

metrogal84 said...

Awesome - cards are one of my fave purchases in the world and you know how I love Etsy - I'll be sure to check these out! :)