Friday, June 19, 2009

One Person Can Make a Big Difference

I love reading Alan Baker's Web World columns in the Crain's Detroit daily e-newsletter because he provides a good mix of interesting insight and humor. I want to share Alan's recent column about a local man who went out of his way to do something good. It's very touching, and it's one of those stories that tends to get overlooked all too often. 

Alan had previously wrote about a monument that sits on a hill next to the Crain Communications building. A plaque on the side of the monument was totally covered in graffiti. He more recently wrote that he could no longer see the graffiti because the overgrown grass was hiding it, and he called out MDOT for lack of care. Some wise person at MDOT did a good job of listening to the convos going on about their company on the Web, and MDOT took care of the grass the same day Alan filed the story. However, the crew left a tree-like weed behind the monument. 

Alan planned to write a column acknowledging the mowing (but still calling out the weed that remained) the next day, but somebody had removed the graffiti and weed. Alan had received an e-mail from Chris Peraino, property manager for Hospice of Michigan, saying the situation had been taken care of. Chris read Alan's column and decided to take it upon himself to remove what the MDOT crew had left behind. This is a man with some serious motivation and love for Detroit! How many people do you know who would do something like that? 

Check out Alan's entire column here. It's not every day that we read about people in our community as gracious as Chris, so he deserves major credit. We should all follow suit and take it upon ourselves to make a difference, rather than sitting back and waiting for someone else to.

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cperaino said...

I came across this artical over the weekend. It was very nice of you to put together this web page, Great job!!

I was so surprised reading your post... I hope your working with a PR firm in Detroit

Thank you so much & enjoy the holiday season!!

Chris Peraino
Property Manager