Friday, July 17, 2009

Rediscovering Books

I have a confession. I just made my very first Amazon purchase this week. No, I haven't been living in a dark hole, and yes, I've been very aware of Amazon for quite some time now. My justification is that I prefer to make purchases in person. I like to see things for myself before I shell out money - particularly clothes and shoes. 

I made up my mind last week that my next purchase must be a book. I spend WAY too much time staring at the computer and need to get back to basics by reading more books. For whatever reason, I'm healthier mentally and am a much happier person when I can look forward to coming home to a good book. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally make an Amazon purchase because you really can't go wrong buying books online. 

So what books did I buy? One might quickly assume that I bought a sappy love story (I do love a good Nicholas Sparks book!) or a book in Spanish (that's next on the list). Those were tempting options, but I went with two books that are highly recommended in the PR industry - Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff and Putting the Public Back in Public Relations by Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge. 

I love reading about my industry because it's fascinating how much has changed in three years since I graduated from college, but I'm looking for book suggestions that don't relate to PR. Drop me a line or leave a comment with any recommendations. Just no history or sci-fi please. :)


LJ said...

I think you need a fun book to balance out those two serious ones, and you should join - it's like social networking for bookworms!

Shabsblog said...

Nice blog!