Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Love For American Idol Runs Deep

*Photo obtained from The Detroit News Web site

I'm not a huge fan of TV. I'd rather unwind at the gym or with a book (that includes Facebook!) than flip through the TV channels searching for something interesting to watch. I do have my select fav shows that I religiously watch and absolutely love...one of those being American Idol.

I was reading The Detroit News a few weeks back and saw a call for American Idol fans interested in blogging for Det News during Season 8. I debated about it for a few days (do I really want my face on the News' Web site, do I have enough time, etc.). But in the end, I decided I had nothing to lose and should go for it. Long story short, I am now an American Idol blogger for The Detroit News! Yes I'm a huge nerd, but hey I'm having fun AND flexing my writing muscles. So there! :)

I'll be blogging weekly through the entire season (except during my much-anticipated first trip to Europe next month!). You can check out my rants here. Don't click under my face in the right-hand column because there's a glitch. Scroll down through the blogs until you find mine. Feel free to comment like my dear friend Andrea Pecs and show me some love!

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Beckels said...

Good for you. I'm checking it out :)

And, for the record, not a fan of the new judge. She's a little full of her self :)