Saturday, January 24, 2009

7 Random Things About Me

Thanks to Leah McChesney (who I was very happy to meet at the HUGE Novi Tweetup this past week) for tagging me in her 7 Random Things post. I actually did a 6 Random Things post awhile back, so I really had to think hard about this one because frankly...I'm not that random! I cheated and asked MAL for some help with this, but here are 7 random things not mentioned in my previous post:

1. My pinkie fingers and baby toe on my right foot are quite unique. The tops of my pinkie fingers curve inward. Basically, they are obviously crooked. It's really funny when people notice them for the first time. They always assume I broke my pinkie fingers, but I was told this happened because I curled my fingers a lot when I was in the womb. Who knows? My baby toe on my right foot is double jointed, so I can stick it out far away from the rest of my toes. Talented, I know. 

2. I haven't seen many of the classic movies (It's a Wonderful Life, Sixteen Candles, The Godfather, Top Gun, Goonies...the list goes on). There's no good explanation for this. I love watching movies, but never got around to these ones for some reason.

3. I beat out a bunch of kids to win my school's Spelling Bee in 5th grade. I also came in second place in the District Spelling Bee competition. I swear I wasn't a nerd in school...just a good speller :)

4. I'm obsessed with English bulldogs. I think they are cutest darn pups on the face of this planet. I begged MAL to get one until I learned about their health problems and short lives. That doesn't change my obsession, but I'm thinking twice about getting one now. 

5. I have really straight teeth, but I've never had braces. 

6. I'm right-handed, but I hold a golf club and hockey stick as if I were left-handed. My brother is the exact same way. It makes absolutely no sense.

7. I climbed a volcano when I studied abroad in Chile. My group and I couldn't make it to the top because it was too windy, but it was just about the coolest thing I've ever done. 

Brandon Chesnutt, Jeff Maj and Megs Tuss -- TAG YOU'RE IT! :)


McChesney's said...

You have some serious movie watching to do! You cannot be American and not watch those! LOL

Daniel Eizans said...

Next tweetup, these strange toes must be examined. I'll show you my trick knee!

EstrellaBella10 said...

It's only one strange toe thank you! Bet your knee trick is nowhere near as cool as my toe trick ;)

MegsT said...

My list of movies for you to see...

1. Top Gun
2. Sixteen Candles (You'll love this, I can't believe you haven't seen it yet!)
3. Cocktail
4. Goonies
5. ANY Hitchcock film but if I'm suggesting we'll go with Vertigo or Rear Window (I'm a Jimmy Stewart Fan)
6. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
7. Teen Wolf
8. American Psycho
9. Casablanca
10. The Graduate

...just to name a few :)