Monday, January 12, 2009

A Message from Detroit to the World

If you live anywhere near Detroit and haven't read Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom's ode to the city, you must be living under a rock. 

Mitch's article was originally published in Sports Illustrated and then republished on the front page of this past Sunday's Free Press. When Sports Illustrated questioned the Detroiter about whether or not people still cared about this city, Mitch answered loud and clear. "And yet..." chronicles the ups and downs of the city of Detroit stating loud and clear that we are not "the gum on the bottom of America's shoe." 
There are many references to past and present sports teams because, well, Mitch IS a sports writer. But his underlying message is insanely powerful. The message he wants to drill into every American's head is this: Detroit is resilient. 

If you don't live here, you just don't get it. I don't have enough fingers and toes to list the reasons why Detroit stinks right now, yet pride still shines brightly throughout the city. It's true -- people are HAPPY to live and work in Detroit. And I'm one of them. 

The article is lengthy, but take 10 minutes to let Mitch's words soak in. If someone were picking on someone you love, you'd defend them in heartbeat, right? Why not do the same for your city? I won't claim to have always believed in Detroit, because before I started working here, I never had a true appreciation for it. But I'll be the first one to speak up now when someone criticizes the city. I've met so many talented and creative people from in and around Detroit in the past two years who have taught me what it means to be a proud Detroiter. 

Yes 2008 was rough, and the forecast looks just as dark and gloomy for this year. But have a little faith people. I think Mitch sums it up nicely. "To hell with Depression. We're gonna have a good year."


Jeff said...

Your an idol critic! How the heck did you get that position? Hope you are doing well...have you moved yet? Let me know how it goes-Later -J

Lynette said...

Great article! and so true. Y'know, most people I talked to were not against the auto industry and thot Congress & the news media were jerks (I do need a blog!).

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself."
- Mark Twain, a Biography

I guess some things never change!

I'm not sure you know, but grampa repaired and/or rebuilt most of the pipe organs in and around Detroit. Every December, we used to help him tune the organs on Saturdays to get ready for the Chrismas season. Great stuff! There are so many beautiful churches, and, we got to peal out on the organs when we were done!

I love the "Fabulous Ruins of Detroit Tour" on

The city really is a beauty... it'll always be home.

-Aunt Lynette