Monday, October 20, 2008

True Love in the Form of Toast

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Writing a blog that is 1/3 about things I love is great because the ideas for posts are endless...I love so many things! On that note, I can't believe it's taken me this long to write about a restaurant in metro Detroit that I absolutely LOVE going to on the weekends for breakfast. If you have yet to experience Toast in Ferndale, then I suggest you find a dining buddy pronto and pick an upcoming Saturday or Sunday morning to make a visit.

WARNING -- you must come hungry and be prepared to wait. Actually, come on the verge of starvation and try your best to be patient during the wait because it is SOOO worth it!

Toast is located just north of Cambridge on Woodward. It's a quaint little joint with bright, Detroit-inspired art on one side of the restaurant and breakfast-related decor on the other side. During the summer months, an outside patio is available for soaking in the sun while you indulge in a hearty meal. Why do I love Toast so much? The atmosphere is warm and inviting, the staff is cheery and always provides excellent service and the food is downright amazing. I have yet to find a complaint about this restaurant...aside from the fact that if you go there any time between 10 and noon on Saturday or Sunday, you can count on twiddling your thumbs for a few. is available in the back of the restaurant while you wait!

Here's a peek at the breakfast and lunch menus. However, these don't include the daily specials, which never cease to dissatisfy. I suggest the pumpkin pancakes, only in season for a short time. From the daily menu, my fav orders include granola banana pancakes, low fat granola served with fruit and vanilla soy milk and challah french toast served with granola, vanilla yogurt and a touch of honey. Yes, there is granola theme! Also, be sure to order a side of homefries, and if you can take the heat, douse them with some Frank's Red Hot. Scrumptious!!! Now I must admit, I've only ordered lunch one time at Toast, but the turkey avocado sandwich was a winner.

Because the Ferndale location is wickedly popular, Toast is opening a second location in Birmingham that will serve dinner and...wait for it...alcohol!! It's scheduled to open this month on Pierce St. in downtown B-ham. Check out this Oakland Business Review article for more about the new digs and how the owners conjured up the concept for this "cozy little eatery."

I really should be a walking advertisement for Toast because I seriously sing its praises to just about anyone who will listen! It's just another reason why I look forward to weekends spent at home in metro Detroit. And now that my hectic summer/fall consumed by traveling and weddings has come to a close, you can bet I'll be supporting the local economy at Toast with my partner-in-crime MAL as often as physically possible. :)

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metrogal84 said...

I've been wondering when you were going to post about toast (haha). You are a walking ad -- they should pay you!

But you're right, they are pretty great! :) As always, I can count on good restaurant ideas from you! :D