Sunday, October 5, 2008

PRSA International Conference Makes its Mark in Detroit

I love talking about Detroit and all the things that make this a great city to work and play in. Despite all the recent controversy surrounding Detroit, I am still proud to say I work there and always jump at the opportunity to show my pride for this city.

Recently, I had the chance to get on my soapbox (literally on a soapbox, watch the video) and tell everyone who will be attending the Public Relations Society of America 2008 International Conference in Detroit why I am passionate about the city. I can't even begin to explain what a coo it is for Detroit that this conference is coming here. Through stories from my agency's previous and current interns from the PR department at Wayne State University, I know how much effort was put into the bid that successfully landed the conference in Detroit. Their hard work paid off, and the conference will take place at the Ren Cen October 25-28.

I've previously attended two International Conferences -- one in New York and one in Miami. The knowledge a PR pro/student can take away from sessions is invaluable...not to mention the bazillion networking opportunities that are available at these types of conferences. This will be a great way to meet and connect with tons of other creative, energetic and vibrant practitioners or soon-to-be graduated students from all across the country. I am so psyched that this conference is taking place in the same building that I work! I'm still determining which sessions I will attend, but you can bet at least one or two of them will revolve around social media :)

Detroit's own Mitch Albom (sports writer for the Detroit Free Press and best-selling author of make-you-bawl books like Tuesdays With Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven) is hosting one of the keynote sessions at the conference. I am quite fond of Mitch's writing, but I more excited about Monday's keynote session with Penelope Trunk. Trunk touts the importance of finding a healthy balance between the workplace and your personal life, which is something that many people in the PR profession (and probably a variety of other professions as well!) struggle with on a daily basis.

I'm definitely looking forward to what this year's conference holds in store. I hope conference attendees take the time to get out and see Detroit a bit so they can understand firsthand why those who live/work/play here truly do have bragging rights.

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