Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pay it Forward Isn't Just the Name of a Movie

Most people have seen the inspirational movie Pay it Forward (Haley Joley Osment, Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey) about a boy determined to make a difference in the world as a result of a project posed by his history teacher. Well, this article in the Detroit Free Press proves paying it forward truly is a literal phrase.

Don Nichols, a professor at Oakland Community College who is preparing to retire in December after 42 years, is determined to find a way to pass along 210 unused sick days that he's accumulated throughout the years. He asked members of the OCC Board of Trustees to allow him to transfer those sick days to a fellow employee or employees battling cancer. His second option is to donate the dollar equivalent of those sick days to the OCC foundation that raises money for student scholarships. The board has yet to make a decision.

I love it when our local papers include heart-warming stories like this one to combat all the negativity Michigan is facing. Don Nichols is a noble, honorable man, and it would be truly disappointing if the OCC Board of Trustees denied the wish of a man who dedicated so much time and energy to their university.

What makes Don even more of an admirable person is that he has post-polio syndrome, so I'm sure those sick days could have come in handy. But according to Don, "I don't ever want to quit. I'm a workaholic."

If only everyone cared as much about others as they do about themselves.....


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