Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Few Secrets of Happiness.....

Everyone wants to know the secret to happiness -- right? Well I don't think there's one magic secret that will ultimately produce happiness in a person's life, but there are definitely steps you can take to ensure you live a long life of happiness.

Vital magazine, southeast Michigan's only family-oriented health and fitness magazine (distributed monthly in the Free Press and Detroit News) gives a breakdown of what happiness really is and steps you can take to make sure you're surrounded by happiness. The article states that traits such as habitual positive thinking, good physical health and commitment to personal relationships are common factors among those who consider themselves happy.

According to Claudette Taylor from Oakwood Heritage Hospital, if you're feeling blue, the key is to raise the level of endorphins (especially serotonin) in your bloodstream. Serotonin boosters include laughter, Vitamin B and regular movement.

Whoever said it takes a lot of work for someone to be happy?? :)

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