Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lemonade: How a Job Loss Forced Creative Types to Find Their Passions

How many times has this thought crossed your mind: "I'd have so much more time to do (fill in the blank) if I didn't work so much." I've said this to myself on several occasions. I don't hate my job in the slightest bit, but I wish each day was about 10 hours longer so I could dedicate more time to things I love (playing tennis and reading books in Spanish, to name a few).

I learned about the Lemonade movie from Chris Brogan's post, "Have You Been Laid Off", and Valeria Maltoni's post, "50 Ways to Make Limoncello When You've Been Laid Off". Side note: If you are currently out of work or fear you may lose your job soon, READ VALERIA'S POST!

According to the the Lemonade movie Web site, more than 130,000 advertising professionals have recently lost their job. Lemonade showcases what happens when people who used to receive compensation to be creative in advertising are forced to be creative with their own lives. Rather than wallowing in their sorrows, the people featured in the video seized the opportunity to do something that really matters to them. The job loss was somewhat of a blessing in disguise because these creatives explored new paths and rediscovered a part of their lives that had been missing.

Do all job losses lead the person affected on a magical journey of self-exploration and creative freedom? Absolutely not. Trust me, I've witnessed how a job loss can completely demolish a person's life. But it's reassuring to watch this video and see how happy these people are because they are doing something they really love...all thanks to a job loss.

This video should also raise a few questions with anyone who watches it. Do you devote enough time to your passions? Do you need to do a better job at prioritizing what really matters in life?

We need jobs because we need to earn a living. We also need a will to live. Something deeper than living solely to climb the corporate ladder. I adamantly believe a person's success in any career derives from passion, but passion must exist in other forms in order to have a healthy and meaningful life.

Have you found a successful way to balance work and activities you love? Has the "lemonade" affect happened to you or someone you know?

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Charlie Wollborg said...

Love this post. Wish I had another 10 hours a day too.