Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creative Quips from Module '09 Midwest Digital Conference

Two really cool events took place this week that unfortunately I wasn't able to attend. These things called work and clients got in the way (so kidding, I thank my lucky stars every day that the economy has not affected my job).

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) was in town for the Module '09 Midwest Digital Conference, so he put the word out on Twitter for a last minute Tweetup in Royal Oak. My PR buddy Brandon Chesnutt(@bchesnutt) gives a good overview of the Tweetup for those of us who had to miss out. 

I was able to catch a few of the tweets from the Module '09 conference this past week, but my crazy day didn't allow for much Twitter time. It seems the conference was a smashing success, so a huge congrats to you @adrianpittman!! I looked through some of the Module tweets using Twitter Search and found a ton of really creative and thought-provoking quotes from the presenters. Here are a few:

@charliecurve - Facebook reconnects your past. LinkedIn and blogs connect your present. Twitter connects your future.
@hajjflemings - Creating content is not hard. Making content that matters is what takes time and commitment.
@penguin - Social media doesn't make you awesome, it just exposes what you already are.
@chrisbrogan - I believe it was Vanilla Ice who said, "Stop, collaborate and listen."
@chrisbrogan - PR is immediate. Think "nano-time". It's all about the velocity.
@shannonpaul - Don't focus on selling - make it easier to buy. 
@shannonpaul - Surprise people with things that are yummy and awesome (love this one!)
@ozsultan - Instead of ROI, think ROBI - Return on Brand Investment.
@scottmonty - Social media is not a campaign, it's a commitment.

For more on Module '09, check out @terrybean's 7 takeaways from the conference.

If you attended Module '09 and have some words of wisdom to share, please share with the rest of us and leave a comment :)

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Awww. Thanks for the link love. Glad you enjoy my recaps.