Monday, March 9, 2009

If You've Conquered Dating, You Can Take on Media Relations

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I'm a huge PR nerd and I look forward to reading PRSA's pubs each month - Tactics and The Strategist. One of the most clever and creative articles in this issue is titled "Sweaty palms and rejection: How media relations is similar to dating." Catchy, right? The editor is Rob Lynch, a freelance PR consultant, and he does an excellent job of revealing the many similarities between dating and the world of social media. Here's a quick recap of the article:
  • Similar to calling someone you like to ask them on a date, calling the media induces sweat and elevates your heart rate.
  • Most reporters want a monogamous relationship, or the exclusive. But some media relations pros want to disseminate news to a variety of reporters, or "date around." This often strains the relationship with the monogamous reporter - or even kills it entirely.
  • Reporters can up and leave with no forewarning, even if you have a great relationship.
  • Uninterested reporters will not respond to your e-mails or calls, regardless of how many times you contact them.
  • Some of the tactics used in dating also apply to media relations, such as using a common interest as a conversation starter.
  • Just as the same pickup line doesn't work on every person, the same pitch won't fly with every reporter.
And lastly, the one that holds the most value in my book of PR golden rules:
  • One-time story placement may provide instant gratification, but true relationships with reporters are often built over time and require honest and constant communication. That type of relationship is mutually beneficial.


A Super Girl said...

Ah yes, the sweaty palms. I remember that feeling well from my time in media relations (and dating, too!)

The writer definitely made an accurate comparison!

Sarah said...

I love this post! It's true for other industries as well, including publishing sales!