Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's the Rush and Where's the Fire?

I have a full time job and maintain a relatively active social schedule, but sometimes I feel like I could make a full time job out of keeping in touch with friends and family. It shouldn't be a chore to call your best friend or your cousin who lives out of state, but I tend to feel that way on occasion. Maybe it's because I hate losing touch with people. Maybe it's because so many of my friends and family either live out of state or in a different part of the state. But keeping in touch with those nearest and dearest to my heart makes me happy. I just had dinner with four amazing and incredible women, who like myself, work (or have worked) in the communications industry. They are inspiring, effervescent and so totally unique that I find my thoughts lingering on our evening together days after it takes place. It makes me so happy that even in our crazy, hectic and chaotic lives, we find time to come together every other month or so and share life stories and lessons. OK, so maybe we just talk about men and our social lives for a good portion of the night, but whatever -- we are women after all :)

I am sure there are many people out there, old and young, who feel my same woes -- that nothing in this world makes them happier than to spend time with friends and family. Yet, they don't find enough time to arrange for those reunions on a regular basis. My lovely married gal L-Dub (she no longer can be referred to as L-Pan, how sad!) found this great blog post through a Google alert for Panera Bread. The author sat in Panera and took some time to observe and reflect on his surroundings. And what did he notice but none other than people from all walks of life rushing around, except for a few "older folk" who actually seemed to grasp the concept of relishing in relaxation.

I ask myself this question frequently -- what is the point in rushing through life? Does it really matter if I leave work for the gym at 6 or 6:15? Does it really matter if I finish three projects today or only two? Does it really matter if I rush to call five friends after work, or should I call two and have longer conversations?

I am learning that I am a much happier person (and I have much less anxiety and spare my sanity!) when I savor moments rather than blow right through them in hopes of accomplishing another task for the day. So I'll keep reminding myself that there's no need to hurry so much -- maybe one day I'll finally learn for good :)


Rachel .:. A Step Ahead said...

Nikki, I know exactly how you feel! Life gets crazy sometimes, but stepping back, relaxing and hanging out with friends is definitely necessary at times...even if you only have time to sit down on the couch and talk to them on the phone for an hour.

PS - My blog has a new location: http://www.rachelmesterline.com/astepahead/

metrogal84 said...

I just absolutely love the line
"Oddly, I found that the group with the least time left on earth seemed to be the most relaxed."

It's so true. How did us youngin's miss that memo?