Thursday, June 26, 2008

Love Comes in Many Forms

I'm all about evident from the title of my blog and many of the items I post about. So of course I tend to read articles that have to do with love or that have love in the title.

I was perusing through the Detroit Free Press Web site as I so often do throughout the day when I came across an article by Rochelle Riley titled "Love left no room for hate at friend's wedding." Rochelle -- you go girl. I've read quite a few articles by Rochelle and each time I'm impressed not only by her words, but also by the topics she chooses to write about. She's a very passionate woman who is heavily involved in the community (she was the MC at the Governor's Service Awards last week). That was the first time I heard her speak, and she was as effervescent and inspiring in person as she is in her column.

This article is about a different type of love, one that despite being prominent in our world nowadays, is still unaccepted and bashed by many. The article is thought-provoking and makes you realize just how many variations of love exist. Doesn't matter if it's traditional or non-traditional -- love is love. And love makes the world go 'round.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That article was so moving. It literally brought tears to my eyes. -Sarah

metrogal84 said...

Agreed. Great article! In the end, love between two humans is love. Who has room to hate on that?

randommsugirl said...

How timely! It was Pridefest last week in Chicago and there was love everywhere. I can honestly say that there wasn't any hate; every other area, in every other city, in every other state, in every other country should be so lucky.