Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who Needs Sleep When There are Events!

Going to events makes me happy. I like being social and I like meeting new people (we deem this "networking" in the PR world). So even though I have little time to myself and people **cough MAL** ask me why I go to events after work, I get more enjoyment from those events then going home and plopping in front of the TV (after all, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and American Idol are over..what's left to watch?!) So here are two upcoming events I'm quite excited about.

First off (and thanks to L-Pan's graciousness for giving me the last ticket!), I'll be going to the kick-off soirée next Tuesday evening, June 3, for Chocolate: The Exhibition at The Henry Ford. Museum visitors are asked to "immerse yourself in the story of chocolate." OK, who seriously doesn't love chocolate - or at least have a craving for it every so often? This exhibit is sure to be successful due to its uniqueness and the pure curiosity it will pull out of people who have no idea what the history of chocolate is all about (such as myself). Presented by none other than Panera Bread, the exhibit runs May 31 - September 7. The exhibit is free with general admission to THF. What better excuse to indulge in a bit 'o chocolate coupled with the perfect dose of history to compliment the tasty treats. I'm sold.

The next event I'm quite stoked for is the Metromix Detroit launch party June 5 at the Fillmore. I do heart Metromix and BJ the editor for hooking me up with the Date Night Adventure (MAL and I had a BLAST, check out the photos here.) Metromix Detroit credits itself as "your new daily ritual -- a buffer from the mundane and a guide to the utopia of post-work release." Love the word selection! I'm looking forward to the complimentary drinks, tapas and red carpet photo opps...and hopefully meeting new, fun people.

Did I mention I'm in L-Pan's wedding in two weeks and have another handful of events to attend with the bridal party between now and June 14 (including an 80s-themed bachelorette party in Canada, and no I'm not joking). And exhaustion takes me over...:)