Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Detroit Creatives Unite to Share Social Media Tips/Trends

This afternoon, I attended a social media event titled "Cultivating Detroit's Creative Culture Through Social Media" hosted at Cranbrook. Eric Cedo, CEO of Troy-based BrainGain Marketing (company that publishes MiLife MiTimes) and Brian Boyle, the man behind Issue Media Group (company that publishes Web-only magazines like Model D and metromode) were the driving forces of the free event that brought together social media experts and those itching to learn how to utilize social media in their careers.

I feel like I've got a pretty good grasp on the concept of social media, but I was eager to hear what those who live and breathe social media had to share. I gained a TON of great knowledge and could probably rant on for a few pages, but I'll break it down by speaker and bullet out what I found to be most interesting.

Brian Boyle - Issue Media Group
  • Media is now more fragmented and it's harder to make an impact
  • Compelling content is key
  • Job of Issue Media Group pubs is to share remarkable, untold stories about growth/development/creative talent in various regions across Michigan (great pitching opps for PR pros with cool clients!)
  • Video is emerging content and it needs to be incorporated in marketing plans
  • Make a significant investment in getting content/stories out to people en masse
  • Read "The Long Tail" by Wired Magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson
Nettie Boivin - BrainGain Marketing (need to add that I LOVE this lady!)
  • Social media also relies on the PR fundamental of building relationships
  • Content is king
  • Bloggers will recognize if you're fake, so ALWAYS be authentic
  • Use social media news releases to push your content into the blogosphere through sites likes del.icio.us., Digg and reddit
  • Use Netvibes to organize RSS feeds
  • Research and comment on blogs before pitching them
  • Pitch bloggers through Facebook or Twitter
  • Ask bloggers how they like to be pitched
  • Check out Mashable.com for 350+ social networking sites
Lori Laurent Smith - Organic
  • Widgets are portable applications, focused and serve one main purpose (think Superpoke on Facebook!)
  • 69 million adults and 15 million teens will use a social network site in 2008
  • Desktop widgets give at-a-glance info
  • Widgets allow users to customize Web experience
  • Can use widgets to leverage upcoming event "hype"
  • One time minimal investment, lasts forever
PHEW! My head is spinning just from writing all that! Becoming a savvy social media guru can definitely be a full-time job, but it's a must-learn tool for anyone involved in the communications industry. I absolutely love it, and I love that D-town has young, creative talent like Eric, Brian, Nettie and Lori who care enough to spread the social media love!

And on a sidenote (maybe I'll write a separate post about this once my post-vacation craziness calms down a bit) -- I was away from the D for six days in Arizona. I had an amazing time, but I truly realized how much I've come to love Detroit and Michigan once I was away for awhile. It's like no other place, and regardless of what people who only read the news say/think, it's a budding garden of creative, young talent looking to make a mark on the world!


Lori said...

Thanks so much for a terrific summary and spreading the word using social media! Wonderful to hear you found the session valuable.

Nettie Boivin said...

Hey lady - Much love right back at you. Thanks so much for coming and for the positive review. Would love to continue sharing ideas on this fun and fascinating regeneration of PR.

Mitten Envy said...

Thanks for the mention and for coming out. I hope that more people in SE Michigan will take the time to learn about the benefits of social media and how we can collectively "change the conversation" about Detroit through social media. There is no reason to complain about how bad the "national media" portrays Detroit. The news and message is now in our hands and the tools to get that message out is readily available and for the most part free to all!