Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Heart Petoskey!

I had an amazingly relaxing/stress-free weekend, and I felt compelled to document my experience in a post. I was a deprived child (OK that's exaggerating) and I never went camping up north or had the chance to see all the beauty that makes northern Michigan such a desirable tourist attraction. So finally, thanks to my wonderful MAL, I got the chance to take a trip up north to Petoskey. And also thanks to my lovely friend Becky for the great suggestion of staying at her place of employment, Stafford's Bay View Inn. Stafford's, which also owns two other properties in Petoskey, was the absolute picture-perfect place to stay for two people like myself and MAL who lead very busy, and often times stressful lives. It was peaceful, quaint, warm, extremely clean and just an overall great getaway destination. If you want the ultimate picturesque room, go for the aster suite 17! I would love to come back and visit in the summer when I can enjoy the non-iced-over lake, the lush foliage and restaurants on the bay.

Downtown Petoskey was also adorable. The mom-and-pop and boutique shops were perfect for a shop-a-holic like myself. I bought some really neat jewelry from Oliver's Trendz (they also have a shop in Birmingham). We went ice skating and sledding at the Winter Sports Park and had some grub and drinks at City Park Grill. One of the best attractions about the city is that it's really rich in history and every place seems to has its own little story.

So needless to say, I am happy to be back to my city life, but I really wish our mini-vaca could have lasted just a tad bit longer! Reality will hit hard tomorrow, but Petoskey definitely put a cushion under the rough week ahead :)

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metrogal84 said...

Ah, sounds like such a nice, romantic getaway! I'm gonna need to head up there again this summer. I just love all those little shops too! :)