Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Michigan Mittens

If you were to ask any given long-time resident of Michigan if they've ever used their hand to represent the state and point out where they're from, I can pretty much guarantee you they would say yes. I know I'm guilty of that on several occasions! Well, fellow Michiganders, there's no need to resort to turning your hand into a map anymore to proudly show those out-of-staters where you reside. Let me introduce you to Michigan Mittens, created by Erich and Connie Hahne from Clarkston.

The couple dreamed up this crazy-idea-turned-reality while driving home from a weekend at their Upper Peninsula cabin. The maps are embroidered into the palms of the mittens - the Lower Peninsula on the right and the Upper Peninsula on the left. They sell for $20 on the Web site, The mittens are made from Angora wool (perfect for those bitterly cold, dead-of-winter days). Read more about it in this Flint Journal article.

I think this is a fantastic way to give tourists a token to take back with them and Michiganders a fun and unique way to sport their pride during the harsh winter months. It also gives hope to other Michigan entrepreneurs who want to jump-start the economy and prove why small businesses are the backbone of our nation's economy. Kudos to you Hahne family!

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