Monday, December 10, 2007

The New York Times Calls Positive Attention to Detroit

For once -- Detroit has been recognized for it's amazing culture and travel destinations by a publication outside of Michigan. And, a highly-regarded publication that is none other than The New York Times. The Times travel section recently named the 53 places to visit in 2008, and to many people's (pleasant) surprise, D-town was included on the list.

Granted Detroit was number 40, but who cares -- it's positive publicity! And amidst an economy that's as fragile as cracked ice, budget woes that never seem to come to a resolution and once-abundant nonprofits that can't afford to help those who need help the most, I'd say this is one big home run for our state. It will make people do a double take who would never have imagined that the country's (supposedly) second dangerous city could be a hip and thriving tourist destination. AND....AND...we beat out cities like Las Vegas, New York and San Diego!

Recent openings of the Detroit Institute of Arts, MGM Grand and MotorCity Casino Hotel not only will (hopefully) bolster our fragile economy, but also give Detroit huge bragging rights and help us compete with some of the historically big league cities in our country. So thanks New York Times for shining a spotlight on the tourist attractions of Detroit!

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